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All too often we see training delivered in too much of a theoretical space, highlighting models and methods, instead of really getting down to the foundations of transferring knowledge that will impact the way someone behaves. All of our training focusses on practical takeaways that transform how someone works for lasting business impact, whether you work with us in person, or via our online training modules. We also design bespoke training to fit our clients’ challenges, so please reach out if you have a bespoke need, listed below are just some examples of some of the training topics we cover.

Leadership & Management

We work with every level in your business, from boards and executive teams, to middle management and cohorts of future leaders. Covering all elements of effective leadership including: building collaborative relationships; promoting clear and consistent communication; driving positive change; efficient problem solving; managing conflict and difficult conversations; driving accountability and ownership; setting objectives and elevating high performance. All of this is underpinned by an insight into the behaviour and mindset needed for effective leadership and management.


Increasingly implemented in growing businesses to support layers of management, our mentoring training aims to support the implementation of an effective, engaging mentoring programme. We explore harnessing a mentoring mindset, key characteristics and skills of effective mentors, potential mentee challenges, growth for both mentors and mentees and managing difficult conversations. Looking closely at the behaviours of both mentors and mentees you can quickly overcome communication and relationship building challenges.

Behavioural Foundations

This is our core training where we provide key insight into the thinking, beliefs and behaviour of your people, and the real triggers that cause friction within your business. We equip you with new techniques to influence the people in your business, and to ultimately build more effective relationships with both your team and clients.

Resilience & Stress Management

With increasing challenges around mental health in the workplace, we have developed a bespoke training programme around how to increase mental resilience and manage stress. We provide your team with an opportunity to gain insight, reflect on their own resilience and learn new techniques to improve their ability to cope with changing situations in the future. With practical exercises, demonstrations and discussion looking at stress response, the dangers of storytelling, along with dissociation and resilience techniques to help your team adapt well and recover quickly after changes in your business.

Sales Training

Designed to drive higher levels of sales performance, our behavioural sales training provides an insightful look at how behavioural patterns and motivations can be used to drive sales performance. It provides key insight into the elements that cause sales and business development challenges and equip you with new techniques to build more effective relationships with your prospects and clients. The session covers everything from leadership and management of sales teams; pitching, negotiation and buying signals; relationship building and networking; closing of sales and driving motivation in a target driven sales environment.

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Latest Training Testimonials

  • Dinah Jackson

    “What a remarkable day and a half! I’ve got so many more tools now to enable me to drive lasting change both in my personal & professional life. There are infinite possibilities to reflect and act on and I am so looking forward to the journey and embracing the change. A fantastic experience which I thoroughly recommend!”

  • Abigail Thomas

    “After attending their Improve Professional Relationships and Performance through Behavioural Change Workshop, I was so impressed with this company! From their warm, friendly welcome to their knowledgeable and professional presentations they couldn’t have been any better. The insight I gained has been and will continue to be invaluable, can’t recommend them highly enough!”

  • Vikki Higginbottom

    “Fantastic workshop recently attended on Business Growth and Effective Leadership! Delivery and content both fantastic. Had some breakouts which were very useful and some great takeaway points which will impact on a personal and professional level. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team and workshops.”

  • Joanna Lacey

    “After attending the workshop on Business Growth and Effective Leadership my approach to staff training, one-to-one meetings (and even our office layout) has been transformed. Sarah and Laura have given so much insight into team dynamics and from a few tweaks we are seeing our team already working closer and more productively. Highly recommend everything Duo is about!”


  • Laura Sayers

    “Attended a one-day workshop, Leadership & Management Elevate Performance through Behavioural Change – what an eye-opener to how your own attitudes and behaviour can impact interactions with other members of the team, or even just influence your interpretation of them. Learned loads about optimising team dynamics, and also plenty about myself, not only in a work context but also how it applies to every aspect of daily life. The workshop was delivered with a high-energy, interactive approach which kept everyone fully engaged; really enjoyable, can’t recommend it highly enough – thank you.”

  • Gayatri Wood

    “I’ve done two courses with Duo. The first was a course on driving sales and developing professional relationships. I learnt so much about overcoming communication challenges and tailoring interactions with people that I’ve applied to both co-workers and clients.

    I enjoyed it so much I also recently attending their Women’s Wellbeing and Self Development Retreat. It was a fantastic way to take time out and focus on my mindset and personal development. I highly recommend attending any workshops with Sarah and Laura. They’re engaging, thought-provoking, educational, practical, and fun. I’ve also really enjoyed the other people they’ve had attending, it’s great being in a room learning with like-minded individuals.”