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We’ve all been there. The interview went amazingly well, the candidate seemed not only to have exactly the background you were looking for, but also sounded like they would be a great culture fit, and was enthusiastic, passionate and driven for growth.

Sometimes, it’s not even as good as this, sometimes you make a decision to hire, with slight niggle that something isn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it, and you urgently need to fill the role, so you make the offer.

The first day rolls around, and they seem to be all of the things you hoped for. As the days turn into weeks, performance isn’t quite there. They are jarring with some of the team and don’t quite seem the culture fit you had thought they had would be. The enthusiasm, passion and drive seems to be missing. Sometimes it might not be as obvious as all of this, but the niggle, and the gut feel that something’s not right, starts to build. And you’re left wondering where you went wrong.

No matter the type of competencies tested, whether you have them do a presentation or assessment centre, whether the process is one part or multiple, it can be really difficult to discern whether someone’s behaviour during recruitment process, is their dominant, natural behaviour, or whether its well rehearsed, best self, practiced interview behaviour.

Nine times out of ten, this isn’t deliberate, the candidate isn’t trying to manipulate the situation, they are simply putting their best foot forward, this is natural human behaviour in high stakes situations.

Equally, when assessing people, you will try to remain open, try to remain unbiased, try to challenge your assumptions, but in equally high stakes situations, you can only make the best decision with the limited information available. Until…you suddenly have more insight available to you.

The Duo Behavioural Map helps you to understand someones dominant, natural behaviours and motivations, so that you can test what you see in front of you during interview, and predict how they will perform in a role, and how they will behave in your culture & business.

So, how does it work?

A Dedicated Recruitment Portal

We run a train the trainer process that upskills your internal recruiters, or hiring managers with the behavioural insight to assess candidates in the right way. You also get access both access to your own dedicated behavioural recruitment portal where you can send maps, view custom recruitment reporting, compare candidates and manage hiring teams.

A Tool To Determine Your Perfect Fit

We can help you determine the perfect behavioural fit for each role you recruit. Through a custom behavioural map, we help you map out the behavioural traits of your highest performers, team strengths and blind spots, and then produce a recruitment behavioural map, bespoke to each role you recruit for, to benchmark potential candidates against. This makes sure you get the right person, for the right role, every time.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

We help you showcase your employer brand and your dedication to the experience of every candidate with a priority on recruiting the right fit for both parties every time. This can then be carried through to a behaviourally driven onboarding experience that instantly engages and motivates.

You are left with a model not only for recruitment, but a common language and tool that helps you develop and engage each team member throughout their career in your business.

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