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Metnor Construction Invests in Future Business Strategy with Local Consultants

March 4th, 2020

Local construction company Metnor Construction has invested in behavioural consultancy support to drive cultural change across its workforce.

Following a round of recent promotions and appointments, and 20 per cent growth in its team in the past year, Metnor Construction wanted to further strengthen the company’s culture, ensuring it aligns with its strategic goals.

Metnor Construction partnered up with behavioural consultancy, Duo Global Consulting, who has worked with both the senior management team and across the wider business to deliver workshops.

David Laidlaw, commercial director at Metnor, said: “We’ve made some big structural changes recently and wanted to re-visit our company culture, which is driven by behaviour, to ensure it completely aligns with our overarching goals as a business.

“Investing in our people is such an important part of what we do – and in a fast-paced industry like ours, identifying and managing behaviours within the team is vital to accelerating performance.”

He added: “The work with Duo has undoubtedly strengthened our culture already and has brought the teams closer together, as they understand each other on a greater level.

“We have a real momentum within the teams and focusing on behaviour as a key driver in cultural change has transformed our business.”

The workshops were designed to give the whole team a better understanding into how to influence, communicate and manage relationships more effectively.

Sarah Callender, commercial director at Duo Global Consulting, concluded: “When businesses scale at pace, it’s so easy for that change to be mismanaged.

“A lot of our work is positioned towards scaling businesses and supporting them in overcoming the obstacles that often occur during change and growth.

“Ultimately, we believe change isn’t sustainable without individual people changing their thinking, beliefs and behaviour.”

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