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March 10th, 2020

Today is a good day –  Following on from International Women’s Day, we thought it was a perfect time to share a little something that is super close to our hearts. For the last two years, we have been working with a remote community in South Africa where two amazing people set up a project for a community in desperate need of support. Last week, we donated over 8000 sanitary products to a group of young girls who were missing 3 months of school per year due to not having adequate sanitary protection, which unfortunately isn’t an isolated incident.

After recently launching our Women’s Leadership Programme, we wanted to go one step further to tackle real challenges surrounding gender issues for women. In South Africa over 3 million girls miss school each year due to a lack of sanitary products. With over 3 months less schooling per year than their male counterparts, through nothing but biological difference, it isn’t any wonder there is such a large gender gap, especially in developing countries.

We are so happy to have the opportunity, alongside the women & companies in our current and upcoming programmes, to be able to make even a small impact in giving a group of amazing girls an equal opportunity to education that could just change their future career trajectory. We are so excited to see how these girls flourish.

If anyone is interested in supporting this initiative in any way please reach out to us, the next big plans for this group is providing local women with business building skills!

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