Duo leadership-programmes


  • Ralitza Shiderova

    “Every session has been extremely eye opening, I have learnt so much about myself, my team and my management style and have a much deeper understanding of how to adapt my approach to different situations and people to influence in the best possible way. The management training with Duo has completely elevated my management impact.”

  • Robert Shaw

    “The future leaders training that Duo has done with us has had so many positive takeaways. The training really framed and put into perspective a lot of the situations I run into day to day with my team, and gave practical insight into what to do to drive success. It has been invaluable in allowing me to tailor my approach to team behaviours in order to get the best out of people.”

  • Kari Owers

    “One of the most impactful parts of the training was the psychological and behavioural exercises, Sarah & Laura really know their stuff and by understanding how and why we behave the way we do, it is possible for us all to find ways to adapt and move forward in our lives, both personally and professionally. We explored everything from limiting beliefs to imposter syndrome to the stories we tell ourselves, and the structure of the course made for a fast paced journey for everyone.”

  • Gayatri Wood

    “I really enjoyed the balance of working in pairs and as a larger group on the women’s programme, with opportunities to both share my experiences and also listen to others. I learnt so much about the behavioural patterns I fall into when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. Seeing how this impacts me and affects my relationships & how I influence and manage others is invaluable and the need to learn to reframe my storytelling. I would love a longer and more in depth follow up to the workshop to delve deeper into the behavioural patterns.”

  • Katy Lamb

    “The workshop had a really good mix of lecture style and group/individual work. For me, the science behind the behaviour types was really interesting and there were a few lightbulb moments relating them back to the people in my life as well as those I work with. Being with like minded women allowed me to appreciate that lots of people go through the same moments of uncertainty and self doubt in their careers. The environment created by the team nurtured a lovely sense of camaraderie and support throughout. Going back to work after maternity leave, it was what I needed to push me back in the right direction and elevate my impact as a female leader.”

  • Jim Mawdsley

    “Extremely insightful session that made you really look at yourself and be able to understand others in your team. Both Sarah and Laura were extremely engaging and made you feel completely at ease when you needed to be honest about yourself.”

  • David Armstrong

    “Warm and friendly welcome with a confidently delivered session, what an eye opener into how to identify different types of mindsets and how to approach them with the view to helping them and the business. I learned as much about myself and how managing my own mindset when managing my team. All delivered in easy speak, open and fun. I approach every day conversations with the tools I acquired on the day, only positive things to say, looking forward to the next training.”