Free Online Leadership Series: Navigating Your Business Through Change

- Online

Are you a leader looking for additional insight to help you navigate your team through the uncertainty following COVID-19?

Through conversations with clients, and other business leaders, we have seen first hand some of the key challenges we are all facing from how to keep engagement levels high during this time; to how to create a new normal from this and help your team navigate the required change; through to how to communicate and execute the right plans to navigate this successful.

From this – we designed this series. This 6 week leadership series is designed for leaders and managers who are looking for additional tools to support them in elevating in their roles during this time.

The design of the 6 weekly mini modules is deliberate so that leaders & managers can action & implement learning instantly after each stage.

On completion of this series, you will walk away with:

  • Key insight into the leadership areas that most business leaders are finding the most challenges.
  • Techniques to implement into your business to drive higher levels of engagement, and drive positive change.
  • A toolkit of resources and frameworks that you can practically implement into your business to help you navigate this time successfully.