Women In Leadership Programme (Online)

- Online

Are you a female leader looking to undergo  self development that will elevate your leadership influence and facilitate a successful transition to the next phase in your career?

Join forces with Duo on this unique experience, with two successful women leaders, to uncover the essential toolkit to take your leadership to the next level. 

Women can often face unique challenges in leadership positions, and still occupy only 7% of CEO positions in the Fortune 500. Research shows however, that companies with a proportion of female leadership and more diversity at board level, enjoy significantly better financial performance & higher levels of growth.  

This course is designed for female leaders and managers, in a senior management position, who are looking to elevate their leadership impact and unlock higher levels of growth for their business. 

Program Overview:

This program will provide key insight into the thinking, beliefs and behaviours of successful women leaders and the real challenges that can occur in a constantly changing business environment.

Alongside this, it will equip you with insight into how to achieve equilibrium across personal & professional; how to better influence and impact key stakeholders; and how to ultimately driving your transition into a greater leadership role within your organisation.

This program is specifically designed to encourage, inspire and unlock some of the barriers that women  face when in leadership positions, and create lasting personal & professional change. 

Module Breakdown:

1. The Impact of Mindset & Identity on Being an Authentic Leader – An insight into the mindset needed for growth & effective leadership and management, including developing your own authentic leadership style. This module will look at core fears, values and characteristics, and how these may impact your role as a leader.

2. The Power of Working with Purpose & Unique Ability to Elevate Performance – An insight into unique abilities, talent and passion, and how to develop these in both yourself, and your team. This module will explore how to set achievable goals, align an action plan and how to motivate and coach your team to all row in the same direction.

3. The Ability to Influence & Drive Engagement During Change – A model for understanding your own appetite & approach to change, and how to manage it within your team and wider business. Techniques to influence & engage people with change to drive positive evolution.

4.  Leading & Inspiring The Pursuit of Growth For Performance Elevation – Key insight into different team dynamics and a model to drive elevation out of the drama that can interrupt team performance. A structure for driving transparent lines of accountability, and how to increase ownership across the business.

5. Driving Healthy Conflict & Navigating Difficult Conversations – An overview of conflict types, and how both your own, and that of your team, can determine the outcome of issue resolution. This module will provide you with models to navigate difficult conversations, and encourage positive conflict for business improvement.

6. Conscious Leadership And Development Of Your Future Vision – This final module will consolidate all of the learning to date into your future leadership toolkit, whilst also working on your conscious leadership style. As a wrap up, you will then work to finalise a future vision for both you & your team following completion of the program.

Previous Feedback:
“Loved every moment. Sarah and Laura are so inspiring and the program has really changed my outlook. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practice”

“So often women in leadership roles can be seen as bossy, when men are just seen as ambitious, it was really useful to explore ways to elevate influence while still remaining authentic to myself”

“From someone with some challenges with self belief, it was refreshing to see that everyone has some similar issues, albeit on a different scale, and learn techniques to elevate my own self development.”