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You walk away from the sales pitch feeling confident you’ve got it in the bag, you sold all the benefits, showed all the features, asked all the right questions. Yet you don’t hear anything, a week goes by, still nothing. Then you get the email to say you didn’t win the work. What went wrong? 

In another scenario, you have a new customer, you set up the project management board, introduce them to their team, and lay out the process. They’re excited and engaging to work with. At least initially. 

Then there’s longer between feedback, they seem frustrated in meetings, they aren’t on board with ideas, you’ve tried all the usual techniques but something just isn’t gelling in the partnership. 

Figuring out what your customers need from a sales perspective, and then even once they’re on board to deliver in a way that resonates with them, is difficult. Every customer is different, and you will likely have a proven process in how you work. The balance is flexing the communication and delivery of that to each customer’s preferences – to ultimately win more sales, and get higher customer satisfaction. 

When you know exactly what your customers need to be convinced of something; what their deep motivation is behind working with you; how your key contacts need to be worked with  – both sales and customer experience becomes so much simpler. 

By understanding the dominant behavioral patterns of your customers (both potential and existing), you suddenly get a glimpse inside their world, and can communicate and build relationships in a way that instantly engages. 

We can work with your sales or customer facing teams in one of two ways (or both!)

  1. We help them understand more about their own dominant behaviours and how that impacts how they sell or deliver to your clients. From there we can uncover any areas that might need to be changed to align with your sales or customer service goals. 
  2. We help them understand the dominant behavioural needs of your customers. This can be either via behavioural checklists & crib sheets that indicate particular needs, or via our online survey that many of our own clients now use with their customers as part of their onboarding experience. 

Through this work many of our clients have seen increases in NPS scores, increase in sales conversations, and increased positive feedback from customers. 

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