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It’s a common theme. You decide on a piece of change as a leadership team, you’ve gone through the pain of getting each leader on board, you spend time planning, refining, getting excited even, then you roll it out. And the reception is underwhelming, confusing even.

Some people, the usual ones, are on board, but others are full of questions and objections. They don’t understand why things have to change, why they can’t just stay the way they are. Then you come to the blockers, the ones who you know are just going to do everything they can to reject any part of it.

This isn’t anyone’s fault, some people’s default position when faced with change is to feel fearful and anxious, automatically resisting it, whilst others will more naturally get engaged by the prospect of improvement and innovation.

Equally, as a leader, when you take time to prepare and come up with the perfect plan behind the scenes, it can be demotivating and often, downright exhausting, to have to fight against it every time.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be this difficult. The Duo Behavioural Map outlines the exact motivations for change each and every team member has, and then provides clear insight into how to communicate and embed, for ultimate buy in and long term success.

So, how do we do it?

First, We Find Out How Driven Your Team Are Around Change

We start by assessing the different dominant change behaviours across your whole business, and then delve deeper into different groups and teams. 

Usually starting with the leadership team, so that we can make sure that strategic change is driven from the top, we take a deep dive into the dominant change behaviours of each leader, comparing this with the dominant patterns across the wider business, to help influence who is best placed to lead and communicate change for maximum impact. 

Following this, we ladder the insight to management level, individual teams, and finally individual team members. 

This insight enables you to create change themes, both at a whole company, and departmental level, whilst also giving managers more individual insight into their team members, for more targeted, personal interactions.

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Then, We Help You Roll Out Change At A Behavioural Level

Company wide change, is simply individual change at scale, and we know that change isn’t sustainable without individual people adapting their thinking, beliefs and behaviours. 

The reason most change management incentives fail is they come from the standpoint that by changing structural or strategic aspects that people will get on board with the change. 

We use the behavioural insight gained from the mapping process to help create a structured, easy to implement, change plan. This covers everything from: 

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Ultimately, we help you get your people on board with change, and sustain it in the long term.

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