Leading During Times of Uncertainty & Change

Some organisations emerge from a crisis stronger than before it started. 

The biggest differentiator in the ones that prosper, versus those that fail, is in how their leaders lead. 

Great leaders step up to the mark and understand how to engage, motivate and inspire their team through times of change & adversity. Duo have been working with leadership teams for years on navigating change, both planned and unplanned. 

It can be challenging enough to manage planned strategic change with your team for maximum impact, even when you often have months of planning time. It is quite another when the change is forced and unpredicted. 

When unplanned change strikes and a crisis unfolds, your time to react is so much shorter – with COVID-19, for many of us, the shape of work & business changed overnight. 

We have pulled together a guide with insight around the key themes that will maximise your leadership impact during times of uncertainty and change.