How To Challenge Discrimination In A Way That Encourages Change

March 17th, 2021 |

Through both the pandemic and the events of the last year including the high profile killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, amongst others, companies are no longer able to not adopt some sort of stance on societal or political challenges. This is not about tick box diversity activities but is fully focussed around how

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3 Characteristics Of High Performing Teams

February 23rd, 2021 |

In this post we are going to to look at three characteristics of high performing teams, using some key models from Urban Meyer’s well known book “Above The Line”. To really get teams to perform at the highest level is a challenge, and like everything, it doesn’t happen all at once – you have to

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3 Types of Meetings That Will Make Your Business More Effective

February 4th, 2021 |

In our recent post How to Make All of Your Meetings More Effective we talked about how much of our working life we spend in meetings. According to The Times, people in the UK spend over 23 days per year in meetings, and according to studies by The Independent, 13 days of these meetings are

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7 Great Equality and Diversity Interview Questions


If you are serious about creating a more diverse workplace, the starting point is in your recruitment efforts. By embedding equality and diversity interview questions into your hiring process you can both make the point with future hires that you take this seriously, whilst also testing whether potential applicants have views that align with your

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