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The reason most change management incentives fail is they come from the standpoint of assuming that change can be managed and that by simply changing structural or strategic aspects that people will get on board with the change. Change isn’t sustainable without individual people changing their thinking, beliefs and behaviour.

As Aristotle said: “It is easy to perform a good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions” To really drive change you need to influence change at a behavioural level. To influence the behaviours within your business, you need to implement cultural & people pillars that support sustained change. We work with business across this whole lifecycle, but some of the key pillars we work through include:

People Operations

Do you have a robust infrastructure in place that supports the culture within your business? We work with our clients on putting in place robust people pillars to proactively drive the culture they need to achieve their vision. This can range from recruitment & onboarding processes that attract the right people, to career mapping and performance structures that engage your team at high levels of performance, to activities across the whole employee lifecycle that supports with change at every level of your business. All of this work provides the right structure to drive change whilst also driving happy, engaged and productive employee experiences.

Vision & Values Integration

Have you defined the vision for your company and the values that drive the behaviours needed to execute that vision? We work with our clients to fully define the future vision for the company, and break it down into actionable strategies. We then deliver company wide values discovery sessions to really uncover your true company values and the related behaviours needed for your business to be successful. Finally, once all of this has been developed, we integrate our unique culture club model to drives living of your vision and values day to day, which influences culture change at all levels.

Commercial Thinking & Accountability

Do you have clear lines of accountability & ownership for commercial growth across your business? One of the biggest challenges of cultural change is to get your team to think the way that owners and leaders do to drive changes that will enable you to achieve your vision & strategic goals. We help our clients implement ownership thinking with their team to elevate individual responsibility for business goals. We help map out clear lines of accountability, and then integrate easy to manage day to day tools from sync meetings to scorecards, to ensure ownership & accountability is driven at every layer of your business with clear indicators when you are on or off track with your goals.

Change Communication

Do you understand how your whole team need to receive communication around change in order to influence how they work & behave? In order to integrate lasting cultural change, people at an individual level need to feel motivated to embrace that change, so how you communicate key messages is so important. Using our signature behavioural mapping, we help our clients look at the main motivators within their team, alongside dominant behavioural patterns, and then help them develop a change communication & integration plan that drives up engagement & long term sustainment.


Do your recruitment activities support with the pace and level of change in your business? Do they drive the right cultural fit for your business? With the people you attract into your business being such a huge part of your culture, as part of the cultural change work we do, we help our clients transition away from reactive recruiting, to proactively build recruitment pipelines that attract the right people into their business, who enhance the way they work and contribute to higher levels of performance and productivity. This has also helped save our clients more than 50% on recruitment fees.

Our change management work includes working directly with your team, alongside creating a bespoke “change success” roadmap for your business. This can be used to successfully execute changes, from large change like mergers and acquisitions, through to more day to day change in teams and business operations.

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