The Objectives:

Your Homes Newcastle was undergoing a large scale re-structure which included altering some of its service offerings and the sales and customer service process that went alongside. 

The business needed support in change roll out, re-engagement and re-training of their sales & customer service team to transition from delivery of a funded to paid for product which was losing sales. 

The Solution:

Duo initially worked with Your Homes, and the impacted teams, in tackling the changes within their departments, to make the change feel more comfortable.

We gave the teams insight into their behavioural patterns, and how they may be impacting how each person viewed the change. From this, in how to re-align their mindset towards the changes that were impacting them. The engagement with change was important before we tackled the sales pieces.

Once the team were engaged and bought into the changes in line with the values of the business, we worked with them to understand the dominant behaviours of their customers, and how to then effectively influence those during the sales & customer service process. 

Lastly, we aligned the team with the real need for the service from their customers, regardless of whether funded or paid for, so they were more effectively able to sell from a place of value and authenticity. 

The Measures of Success:

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increased achievement of team targets and related revenue
  • Engagement of the team with the change and increase in team morale
  • Decreased levels of sickness and stress across the team
  • Easier and quicker execution of the required changes