The Objectives:

After a change in leadership, TSG were looking for a partner that could support them in continued development of their culture and support in people, leadership & management development. The first piece of this was work with the Customer Success team to help them understanding more about human behaviour during the sales & customer service process, and how to apply it in their roles to deliver even better customer experiences.

The Solution:

Duo started out by assessing the dominant behaviours within the customer success team, and delivering training to the team on how to understand themselves better, and how their behaviours impact how they both sell, influence, and work with customers. 

We then helped profile key clients and provided the team with training to be able to better predict and understand dominant behaviours of key customers, and how with this knowledge, they could more effectively engage with them.

This not only resulted in more engaged, aligned customer communication but also better management of the sales process, and ultimately, supported TSG’s committment to delivering exceptional customer experiences evidenced by their amazing NPS score.

The TSG team now have an annual behavioural license that they use not just in customer experience & sales but for management, change & cultural work across the whole business with their Training Team currently undergoing our Train The Trainer Programme. 

The Measures of Success:

  • TSG has an NPS score of 83% and Best Place to Work awards
  • The Customer Success team are more aligned and engaged with key clients
  • The team have a toolkit of resources to be able to use regardless of the variety of customer challenges or circumstances
  • The business has exceptionally high customer sales and retention success