The Objectives:

Trend Bible were looking for a simple tool that their leaders and managers could use to maximise management practices in the business as they continue to scale and grow. 

The Solution:

Implementation of the Duo Behavioural Map allowed us to see not only see dominant behaviours across the business that gave the leaders real insight into top level themes like how the whole team view change, what communication messages will resonate and which won’t, what balance they need to strike between processes and more flexible options, what type of cultural initiatives people will respond to, what type of benefits packages might resonate most, among many more. 

In addition to this, each manager has an at a glance team map, and individual maps for each of their team members so they can tailor management approaches according to dominant behaviours. 

To really embed this in their culture Trend Bible invested in training for the whole team to understand their own behaviours, and has a team wall where they display everyone’s behavioural maps to create a common language across the business. 


The Measures of Success:

  • The team fully understand their own behaviours and how to work in line with these for maximum performance 
  • Managers have a tool that gives them at a glance answers to any management challenge, and how to tackle them with team members
  • Leaders have a simple model to use to assess whether new initiatives or ideas will be embraced, and how to communicate across the business
  • Staff engagement and retention is high
  • The team are highly performing and the business is growing significantly