The Objectives:

Trend Bible were looking to codify the unique elements of their culture that makes the business as successful as it is, and communicate this with both existing and new members of the team.

Following on from this, they wanted to link expected behaviours with key elements of their culture, like their values, to elevate team performance and drive more consistent levels of delivery across the business.

The Solution:

Duo worked with the Trend Bible team on discovering and refining a set of unique company values, a clearly defined vision and an agreed set of behaviours that formed the foundations of Trend Bible’s culture.

We then supported Trend Bible in establishing a clear structure around embedding this culture at every level. From implementation of daily, weekly and monthly rituals and activities, through to introduction of a group of culture champions that ensure alignment between Trend Bible’s culture and the outputs of the team.

We continue to work with Trend Bible on an ongoing basis to support them in maintaining their culture so it consistently supports the evolution and growth trajectory of the business.

The Measures of Success:

  • The business has higher levels of accountability and ownership at all levels
  • The team has clearer definition of expectations around performance and behaviour, both internally, and externally with clients
  • Trend Bible’s culture is strategically aligned in supporting business growth
  • Trend Bible’s culture has become a unique differentiator in attracting the right talent into the business