The Objectives:

This growing construction company needed to find a solution to sustain long term business growth, and allow the CEO to step back from day to day operations. The business needed to undergo significant change in order to drive the multi million pound growth they were targeting.

The Solution:

Change roll out had been a struggle for the business previously so Duo first started by running a whole company behavioural map. This told us immediately that the majority of people in the business actually enjoyed change, however it was the way in which it was being rolled out that was the problem. 

We then worked with the CEO to outline a clear strategy for growth, including a communication plan for future change, tailored to the behavioural needs of the people in the business.

From there we used the EOS/Traction model to implement a robust operating structure that would sustain ongoing growth and development of the right culture alongside it. This included everything from putting in place a leadership team who would support the execution of this growth plan at a senior level, a leadership team structure with meetings focussed on driving of key measurables, clear layers of accountability and proactive issue solving process for any challenges that may be in the way of their growth. 

From this, Duo worked with the team over a number of years to put in place the key cultural pillars from this change strategy that would continue to enable the growth the business was looking for. This included regular use of behavioural mapping in different areas of the business from recruitment to team management, to solving of particular challenges or change roll outs.

The Measures of Success:

  • The business grew by £20M over a 3 year period.
  • The business significantly increased their profit levels.
  • The business was able to put in place a fully functional, integrated leadership team, that reduced the CEO time in day to day operations, allowing them to focus on just driving the strategy of the business.
  • The business now has a solid operating system, defined behaviours and cultural pillars, that support the business through continued growth and change, with high levels of team performance.