The Objectives:

DRS were looking for a tool to support them in assessing candidates during the recruitment process, and that would help them more accurately predict performance of a potential candidate prior to hire. For them, this was of particular importance with graduate level recruitment when there was a lack of previous work experience to assess to help understand their dominant work behaviours.

The Solution:

Duo started out by assessing dominant behaviours within the DRS team and created an ideal behavioural fit profile for each position within the business. 

Following this, Duo’s behavioural tool was implemented within the recruitment process at DRS, where each candidate takes a behavioural assessment, followed by a video interview to cross check dominant behavioural patterns & value fit, against the desired profile. 

Based on this assessment Duo were able to provide the team at DRS with an accurate prediction of how each individual would work in their team. DRS then used this information to help inform hiring decisions, and where to place people across the business.

The final stage involved training the internal HR team within DRS on behavioural profiling & screening, and the behavioural mapping process is now fully integrated into their internal hiring process.

The DRS team now have an annual behavioural license that they use not just for recruitment but for management & cultural work across the whole business with every individual having their own behavioural map, every coach having maps of their coachees, and every manager and leader having maps of their team members. 

The Measures of Success:

  • DRS has added over 50 heads to their North East office, with extremely high levels of candidate success post hire
  • DRS is able to manage all of their recruitment in-house and save significantly on outsourced recruitment fees
  • The business has a strong understanding of the right behavioural fit for DRS enabling them to deliver
  • The hiring team has a clear way to assess, and onboard new hires, for maximum success
  • The candidate experience process is engaging and on-boarding is tailored to each individual to enable faster integration into the business post hire