The Objectives:

As part of their ongoing cultural & people development, Ryder Architecture were looking for a partner to support them in leadership and management development at varying levels.

The Solution:

Duo’s work ranged from creation of a full mentoring training programme for leaders, managers and mentors; to a behavioural leadership session; to active listening and work from home masterclasses for best practice and maximum performance; to unconscious bias work.

The golden thread running through all of the work and training was Duo’s behavioural map to help leaders, managers and mentors better understand both themselves and what impact their dominant patterns have on how they lead, manage and mentor, alongside support in mapping out dominant behaviours of their team so that they can tailor their practices to the motivations and needs of each team member.

This resulted is a highly engaging mentoring programme, alongside the other work, and provision of more streamlined, individualised leadership & management approach for all team members.

The Measures of Success:

  • Ryder has very high levels of staff engagement & retention, including being named on Best Places to Work for several years
  • Mentors, managers and leaders in the business have a behavioural toolkit to use to support them in the most effective team management practices
  • The business has it’s own in house mentoring programme to continue to develop strong mentors, and provide a highly engaging and supportive mentoring programme for everyone in the business