Our behavioural map provides a blueprint to elevate performance of every person in your team.



The Duo Behavioural Map

It’s a recurring challenge – you plan out a conversation, or interaction, and sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. It’s hit and miss, and you can’t quite put your finger on what you need to do differently to drive better results. 

  • You need to have a difficult conversation with a team member, you plan it out in your head, go in prepared, but yet they react in a way that totally surprises you. 
  • You go into a sales pitch with a client, knowing exactly the benefits you want to sell, do the best presentation, yet they don’t seem to resonate with it, and you’re not sure what’s missing. 
  • You have one of the best ideas you’ve ever had and share it with the rest of the leadership team, it doesn’t land, people don’t seem to see what you see, and you’re left wondering how you could have communicated it differently. 

People are complex – human behaviour is influenced by so many different things, and everyone is different. It’s hard to get it right, every time, you’re not a mind reader. 

But what if you had a tool that helped you with exactly that? That helped you see how someone thinks, what they’re motivated by, how they like to be communicated with, how they work – in other words – a map of exactly how they tick, and how to do and say the things that completely tick their boxes?

Having undertaken years of training in behavioural change management, underpinned by meta programs which were developed by Richard Bandler in the 1970’s, we developed our own signature behavioural mapping tool, that can be used to help improve every human interaction in your business has. This has then been tried and tested with thousands of individuals and clients all over the world. 

This tool supports you in recruiting more intelligently and predicts how someone will behave, and perform once in your business. 

It allows you to easily embed change and gain insight into how every person in your business feels about it, and what you need to do to ensure they buy in. 

It provides every leader & manager with a process and checklist of how to manage each and every team member to get maximum performance and engagement. 

It gives you real insight into what makes your customers tick, and then enables you to tailor your customer experience around that.

Our Clients

Using our behavioural map, our clients have achieved some amazing results.

Your Behavioural Map Portal

All of our clients get access to their own dedicated company portal, where you can send out assessments, view results, pull down different levels of reports, create manager access, and more.

To purchase credits for your team, you can either buy in batches, or receive discounted pricing via an annual license.


The Individual Behavioural Map

You can work with us in three different ways to embed the behavioural map into your business. 


To request a free demo of either of our behavioural products, please get in touch

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