“Would I grab a drink with you?” Zappos Culture

Zappos company culture

Every company is unique, and company culture is no different. While we can all agree how important corporate culture is and can admire aspects of many company cultures, there is never a one-size-fits-all formula.

One great example of unique company culture – Zappos.com the billion dollar online clothing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fun-loving, friendly working environment at Zappos seems more like a family gathering than a work environment to an outsider looking in. So how have they accomplished this and managed to be so successful – going from nothing to a $1.2 billion dollar deal with Amazon.com in less just a few years?

When asked the key to finding the right people for their culture, CEO Tony Heish said he interviewed every single candidate with one question in mind “Would I like to grab a drink with you outside of work” If the answer was “No” then they weren’t a Zappos fit and wouldn’t be hired…

This tactic clearly works for Zappos with employees saying they didn’t realise it was possible to be “engaged and happy but still focussed and productive at work.”

Your culture will probably will be very different to Zappos, there is no right or wrong, and there are lots of great examples like Zappos of personal, bespoke cultures and their impact on business growth. It is very personal, and should be completely, uniquely based on your company, your vision and your values.

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