Why Duo?

At DUO we believe that to be better, you need to be different. 

In a market that is highly competitive, and with severe skill shortages across a lot of industries, it is more important than ever to do something different to attract and retain great talent. We believe that is your company culture.

DUO believe that culture is everything. That everything stems from the type of culture you have, and nothing more so than your people. Your culture will help you connect with your existing employees, on a much deeper level, which will be the key to retaining them long term. Not only this, it will make them more productive, it’s amazing how much more you will get out of employees that are engaged with your company vision & values, and who really feel that they are an integral part in your success. Company culture, when communicated effectively through a culture driven recruitment process, is also the key difference between attracting amazing people, as opposed to their average counterparts.

DUO help companies create company cultures where the best talent want to work and within which top performers flourish and grow. We start by building strong cultural foundations within our client’s businesses, and from there look at how their culture both attracts the best external talent, and engages with the amazing people they already have within their business.

Here’s just a few more reasons we work the way we do and the benefits it brings our clients…


Reduce Costs

By focussing on culture driven recruiting, our solutions reduce recruitment costs by over 50%, and often eliminate outsourced recruitment costs entirely.


Increase Revenue

By recruiting top performers vs average ones, our solutions achieve significant increase in revenue per hire, with some instances as high as 300% increase.


Increase Productivity

Through effective engagement and alignment with company culture, our solutions significantly increase staff productivity, with instances as high as 100% increase.


Decrease Staff Turnover

By increasing engagement, our solutions have proven to reduce staff turnover by over 25%.

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