Why Duo?

At Duo, we believe there are some key things in the way we work that makes us stand out, but don’t just take our word for it…

“Duo is exceptional in their level of knowledge, they are highly strategic in understanding our business goals to implement the right people solution every time”

CEO, Construction Company

“Duo has been a big part of our growth over the last two years, they have helped us scale up quickly and efficiently and maintain excellent staff retention. We couldn’t wish for a better partner through a period of high growth”

MD, Technology Business

“Duo gave me an understanding of why values, motivation and behaviour are so important to growth and success, not only this but I now have a range of techniques to use to drive performance in our business”

Director, Marketing Agency

We have unknowingly recruited people with the same behaviours and motivations for years, and that now explains so many of our culture issues. Duo gave us some great recruitment tools to enable us to recruit the right people for the role every time, instead of our traditional blanket approach” 

HR Manager, Housing Association

“The training by Duo has given me new ways to coach and manage my sales team for higher levels of performance,   including tools to speed up conversion rates, filter out time wasters and overall build better relationships for attracting and retaining business”

Partner, Financial Services Firm



We Understand People

How you treat your people will directly impact how they treat your customers. We have lots of experience in how to motivate, influence and engage people to do their best work.


We Think Strategically

We focus on how your people strategically contribute to your business growth. All of the work we do directly drives increases in productivity, performance and revenue.


We put behaviour first

We believe in behaviour ahead of personality. Personality is what we are, where behaviour is what we do. It is much easier to change what we do, than to change what we are. We believe the ability to influence behaviour is the key to effective leadership and management.  



We have great clients

We work with a range of great clients across the UK and USA. These clients, of varying sizes and sectors, choose to work with us repeatedly, benefiting from real impact in the work we do, and quite often seeing us as an extension of their team.

Download our thinking points to organisational culture resource

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Some Companies we have worked

  • Orange Bus
  • Your Homes Newcastle
  • Trend Bible
  • OPR
  • DRS
  • Steamforged
  • Singleton Construction
  • Silverbean
  • North East LLP
  • Generator
  • Gardiner Richardson
  • Lucion