Each month we have a couple of free sessions available for companies to experience the DUO Culture Map. These spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis so register your details below to request one for your business.

This two hour complimentary, interactive session, will provide management teams with an introduction into DUO’s signature culture mapping strategy. This strategy will help you understand how you can build a proactive, sustainable, long term model for internal culture development which optimises talent attraction, engagement and retention.

The session will explore your current culture, and map out your aspirational culture. We will help you identify current culture blockers, and the culture enablers that you need to create a culture that accelerates talent activities. We will then work with you in more detail on a couple of the key areas that contribute to building a successful and meaningful culture, these areas could include:

  • Establishment of clear vision and values that enable all of your employees to work in the same direction.
  • Analysis of people, and jobs, and building a structure of accountability and maximum productivity.
  • Implementation of a simple reporting structure to see through organisational complexities.
  • A talent driven culture model that both engages internal talent and attracts top external talent.

Following our session, we will provide you with a blueprint for implementing the culture map, which you could carry out internally, or you could engage DUO to carry out further work with you.

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