What do your people say about your culture?

Through building meaningful and value driven cultures, we have proven to significantly increase employee engagement, by as much as 100%, whilst also decreasing employee turnover, by at least 25%. 

Why are your people your people? And do they really feel like “your” people? Do they live the values of your culture day to day? Do they even know what your values are?

Engagement is more than just a buzz word, it is the glue that will literally hold your company together, or allow it to fall apart. Cliché as it sounds, your people truly are your greatest asset, so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to engage with them. As much as cultures can be used to attract talent, building a culture of engaged people will elevate productivity and allow great people to do amazing work.

DUO help our clients increase employee engagement through creation of meaningful cultures. We build human cultures. Cultures that prioritise daily interaction and continuous relationship building. Cultures than transcend work and play. Companies that stands for something and give their people ownership. Reward and recognition packages that are moulded around people. Work environments that give people ownership and a feeling of value.

How do we do this?

  • Culture Mapping - We help you break down your current company culture, and map out your culture aspirations. From this we uncover the behaviours and actions needed to elevate your current culture, and build a blueprint to get you there.
  • Vision & Value – We identify what your company really stands for and what your employer value propositions are. These key attributes are what make you stand out from your competition and form the foundation for your culture & employer brand.
  • Employee Engagement - We work with you to build engagement strategies that help your employees buy into your culture, and the values of your company, making sure that engage your employees by building a culture that stems from your people so that it feels authentic and grows naturally within your business.
  • Internal Culture Ambassadors - We develop employee driven culture incentives that drive the growth of your culture from within.
  • Reward & Recognition - We build meaningful reward and recognition incentives that are tailored to your culture and your people for the highest level of engagement.
  • Leadership & Management Development – We support in developing management & leadership structures that encourage organic culture growth and engage with every layer of your business.

By building meaningful, value driven cultures, our strategies are proven to reduce employee turnover, by a minimum of 25-30%, significantly impact productivity, and increase employee engagement, often by as much as 100%.