Insights from #TalentConnect2015

We loved being part of Linked In’s #TalentConnect in London a couple of weeks ago, so much so that we thought we would share with you some of our favourite insights from the event.

Picture1Brendon Browne (VP Talent Acquisition, Linked In), Pat Wadors (SVP Global Talent, Linked In) Stephen Lochhead (VP Global Talent, Unilever) and Deborah Frances-White (Comedian, Speaker & Executive Coach), are just a few of the inspirational speakers that took the stage.

Deborah Frances-White approached generation of the ‘Big Idea’ in a very interesting way. “Working” at a new idea isn’t the best strategy, instead you need to “play” at it. Deborah believes that quantity over quality is important in the initial stages of idea development when wanting to unleash ideas and new ways of thinking. Deborah suggests creating storyboards for ideas and asking a lot of questions to make sure that all avenues are explored before “working” on an idea and strategy to implement.


Stephen Lochhead discussed the value of connecting company purpose with the personal purpose of your employees. Unilever is known as a company with a strong employer brand, especially important when you employ over 170,000 people. They place importance on improving health and wellbeing for over 1 billion people, halving the environmental impact of their products and sourcing 100 percent of raw agricultural materials sustainably. How does this relate to talent? It allows Unilever to recruit people that care about the same values. Employees aren’t just working to increase profits; they are part of a journey that will change lives around the world.

Picture3Pat Wadors and Brendon Browne discussed the integration between Talent Acquisition and HR. In order to improve both departments they need to work hand in hand. Their insights were simple but effective, and small changes that everyone can make, but so few do. Something as simple as grabbing a coffee with one of your employees could be all it takes to increase that morale of that indivPicture4idual which will directly impact their work. Build a culture where employees and management feel open to share ideas and thoughts together, and build in ways that departments and individual can interface on a regular basis.