How do you define a culture that attracts great talent?

Culture is to recruiting, what a great product or service is to marketing. 

By recruiting in a culture driven way, our solutions reduce recruitment costs by over 50%, and often eliminate outsourced recruitment costs entirely. 

How you communicate your culture directly affects how external talent thinks of your business. It can be the impression someone has of you when they land on your career site, the interactions they have on your social feeds, the feeling they get when they walk into your office for the first time, the impression your people leave on them. Your culture impacts the whole candidate experience, from the moment a prospective hire types your company name into Google, through to their 5-year anniversary at your company. Approaching talent attraction and recruiting from a culture driven perspective will significantly elevate your business above your competition. It allows you to be targeted, strategic and proactive. It enables you to plan for the long term, not just fill short term holes. In essence, it’s about really understanding your talent market, and doing everything you can to get in front of them with a culture that speaks their language. 

When it’s something this big why wouldn’t you want to define and tell your story, your way? 

DUO do just that, we help you mould and shape the cultural experience these people will have. From start to finish; from moment to moment. So that your company is more than just another job on a job board; more than yet another call from a recruitment agency; more than their fifth interview that week – but actually an opportunity and lifetime experience that sits above the rest, a culture that that the best people simply can’t wait to be a part of.

So what do we really do?

  • Culture Mapping - We help you breakdown your current company culture, and map out your culture aspirations. From this we uncover the behaviours and actions needed to elevate your current culture, and build a blueprint to get you there.
  • Crafting your cultural Value Propositions – We identify what your company really stands for and what your employer value propositions are. These key attributes are what make you stand out from your competition and form your Employer Brand, from which all of the pillars for your company culture will stem from.
  • Defining your Talent Market - Once we have defined your true values we make sure that your culture resonates with the talent you are looking to attract. We help you discover the attributes of your talent targets and map out their challenges and aspirations to craft an offering that resonates with them.
  • Culture Driven Recruiting Communications – Once we have defined your culture, and rolled out internal communications, we help you communicate with your external talent market. From online career sites and social media communications, to strategic PR and Advertising, we raise the profile of your company culture and the experience you provide as an employer.
  • Bespoke Culture Driven Recruiting - Our most bespoke service, offered on a monthly outsourced basis, we will build a pool of engaged talent for you and communicate directly to engage prospective hires with your company culture, for recruitment into your business.

Through culture driven recruiting, all of DUO's clients have reduced recruitment spend by a minimum of 50%, often attributing to a six figure cost saving, increased revenue per hire through quality of recruits, and eliminated the need for external recruitment agencies.