Recruiting & Developing The Right People

Do you struggle to recruit & develop high performing people with the right combination of skills, behaviours and values?

– We assess how visible your business is to the people you want to recruit, and help you stand out above your competition

– We support development of an effective, simple to implement recruitment & employer branding strategy, allowing you to take control of this in-house, to reduce reliance on recruitment agencies

– We review the organisational structure, roles and responsibilities needed to execute your growth plans

– We introduce behavioural interview and assessment techniques to ensure you get the right people, for the right roles

– We design engaging on-boarding and training & development programmes to maximise performance & productivity

Driving Change For Business Growth

Do you find it challenging to grow your business because your people are resistant to change?

- We support owners and directors, in creating the right mindset for change & growth

- We help you understand your main barriers to change and define your current position

- We strategically support the creation of a clear vision for the future, and an outline of the plan to get you there

- We work with you to assess the timing for your short, medium and long term goals

- We align your leaders and managers to positively lead and navigate ongoing strategic change

- We provide your whole team with an understanding into why and how people connect with change in different ways, and the tools needed to collectively drive it forward

Effective Leadership & Management

Do your leaders and managers have the right experience to strategically drive your business forward?

- We design bespoke leadership & management training to align with your business culture, values and leadership principles

- We run external workshops to develop leaders and managers in the right skills and behaviours needed to drive high performance

- We focus on the delivery of core relationship building and communication skills needed to manage, motivate and engage staff

- We develop the ability to influence & negotiate with different levels of stakeholders, both internally and externally

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