We have created a range of free resources to help you improve your talent processes. From recruitment to engagement, our resources cover a range of important talent topics, and give you key takeaways you can implement into your business.

Employee Engagement through Wellness

People are your greatest asset, however, some businesses fail to engage and develop their employees. This resource will educate and guide you on what wellness incentives are effective in order to exceed the expectations of your employees With any incentives, they need to strike a very important balance between the needs and wants of employees, and the goals of the business as an employer.

Building a Culture of Positive Change

Change, whether planned or not, is typically viewed as negative, which is the reason so many companies going through change see negative results within their business. These can range from disengagement of employees, reduction in productivity, misalignment between leadership and staff, and ultimately, negative impacts on company revenue. By creating a culture that is driven by positive change, you can protect your business when unanticipated change arrives, and make sure that it isn’t met with concern and trepidation.

5 Steps to Social Recruiting

With over 90% of companies doing some sort of talent activity on social media, and over 70% of hired candidates coming through social media channels, can you afford not to have a social recruiting strategy? Our step by step guide will take you through how to implement an effective social recruiting strategy, from understanding where your target talent groups are, to creating a communications plan, through to measuring success.

Game Changing Talent Strategies

Attracting top talent, is extremely competitive, so it is important to have talent activities that stand out.

This resource will give you ideas you can implement into your business to help you stand out from your competition. From innovation driven recruiting, to compelling reward & recognition programs, to creative culture development, we share ideas from some of the best companies around the world.

Introduction to Purple Squirrel Recruiting

In this resource we introduce you to the concept of the “purple squirrel” – a valuable hire who will change the face of a business. They are innovators, game changers – the best in their field.

These type of recruits can be difficult to engage with, we walk you through a step by step process on how to attract these elusive hires.

Introduction to Recruitment Marketing

A lot of DUO’s solutions bridge the gap between recruitment and marketing. We will walk you through a range of recruitment marketing solutions that you can implement in your business.

From referral strategies to creative advertising to recruitment PR, we will give you real life examples of the ways in which these strategies can work to attract better talent into your business.

Thinking Points for Defining Organisational Culture

The internal culture of your business is one of the most important factors in your talent strategy.

We provide you with a blueprint for defining your organisational culture – from the questions you need to ask to prepare for the process, through to covering key areas such as purpose, people, uniqueness, strategy and communication, and actions to fully define each area of your business culture.