Soda Stream – The Power of Effective Communication on Employee Engagement

Most of us experienced a Soda Stream at some point in our childhood, and as the famous catchphrase goes, ‘got busy with the fizzy’. Somehow the whole experience of using the machine, picking out your own flavour and the tasty treat at the end, made it all in all a great experience!

Fun as it was, there was a lot of skepticism that Soda Stream, like other appliances including bread makers, food dehydrators and the like, would become simply a short-lived fad, but we couldn’t have been more wrong…and nothing highlights it better than Soda Stream landing a prime advertising spot in the recent US Superbowl!

Instead of Soda Stream accepting its sell by date as a niche product, they decided to go hard on their strengths to survive. Soda Stream quickly realised that Environment and Personal Health are two of the hottest topics for consumers – so they played to this. Their product not only produces an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of drinking carbonated beverages (saving an average of 550 bottles per user per year), but it also allows the consumer to control how much sugar they add to their drink – two huge check marks.

Soda Stream not only survived but experienced exponential amounts of growth, growing from 30 employees to over 1000 – and they recognised the importance of employee engagement in their growth.

According to a recent study of manufacturing companies, engaged employees have a productivity rate that is 70 percent higher than those of non-engaged workers. The companies that placed an importance on employee engagement, also enjoyed a 78 percent higher safety record, 44 percent greater profitability, 86 percent greater customer satisfaction, and 70 percent lower employee turnover.

Sodastream faced a huge communication issue that impacted its employee engagement in several ways: 

  1. A mainly deskless workforce that works on the manufacturing floor so rarely accesses emails.
  2. Plants that are multi-lingual with various languages including Abrabic, Russian and Hebrew.
  3. High employee turnover rate, especially among young Millennials.

Sodastream realised the only way forward was adopt a completely new company culture and embrace employee engagement. To tackle their communication issues, and its impact on engagement of their team, they developed an in-house app, which allowed them to share everything from business updates to training, all in various different languages, and across mobile devices which appealed cross generation and cross working environment. 

The results were amazing and employee engagement soared. Almost every employee out of 2500 have downloaded the app and regularly check in for weekly training or business updates. Employees now feel they are really up to speed on whats going on in the business, are engaged with their employer and a real part of Soda Stream, whatever part of the business they are in, and at whatever stage in their career.

Communicating effectively with your employees is difficult, especially with flexible hours or remote working becoming more and more popular, but it is a vital part of employee engagement, and one that Sodastream realised and tackled with great success. 

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