Key Personality Profiles for Recruitment



In today’s dynamic working environment, hiring managers need to be a lot more strategic when hiring. In addition to skill sets and work experience, assessing personality fit is extremely important. Regardless of position, industry or seniority, there are key traits and success indicators that should be high on recruiting assessments.

Finding great people isn’t easy, but understanding your talent personas is crucial.  In addition to developing an in-depth talent persona that explores why someone may look for a new job, their personal and work situation, their lifestyle, aspirations, challenges & goals, and overall talent profile – there are also some key personality traits that should come into any candidate assessment.

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PASSION – Recruiting passionate people should be top of your list, they will embrace the job, your company, and take on your mission & goals, doing everything they can to work with your business to achieve them.

AMBITION  – Look to employ people who want to reach the top of their game. Ambition does not need to necessarily mean people want to move through traditional leadership or hierarchies, ambition can exist in someone who simply always strives to be top of the game and best in their field. Recruiting individuals who strive for success in their career will create more growth for your business long term.

AUTONOMY & SELF MOTIVATION – All businesses regardless of size need people who can work autonomously and are self motivated. Your business will flourish if you have staff that have initiative to make decisions and motivate themselves to strive for the best, rather than always waiting for management direction.

CULTURAL FIT – Your culture is the key to a successful business, so recruiting for cultural fit is non negotiable. Will you be able to collaborate with this individual on a daily basis? Will this individual fit into the team and excel in your dynamic working environment? Managers need to look closely at the personalities of potential hires and assess against internal culture, and current team dynamics. Just because someone looks great on paper and has all the qualifications and more, doesn’t mean they will match your culture.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY – Honesty and integrity is crucial, both within your business and externally with clients – make sure that you trust the people that you recruit, if you have doubts, trust your gut.

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