An Introduction to Myers Briggs Types

Myers Briggs is one of the most widely used personality type indicators, and one, amongst other profiling tools, Duo use with our clients for employee development.

The type indicator can often be used in the wrong way and is best used to understand the different ways that people work and process information.

For a full understanding of the different personality types it is best to go through the full profiling process, but as a quick overview we have detailed below the 4 sections of types:

1. Are you outwardly or inwardly focussed? 

If you prefer Extraversion “E” type, then you:

  • Could be described as talkative, outgoing
  • Like to be in a fast paced environment
  • Tend to work out ideas with others, think out loud
  • Enjoy being the focus of attention

If you prefer Introversion “I” type, then you:

  • Could be described as reserved, quiet
  • Prefer a slower pace with time for contemplation
  • Tend to think things through, inside your head
  • Would rather observe than be the focus of attention

2. How do you prefer to take in information? 

If you prefer Sensing “S” type, then you:

  • Focus on the reality of how things are
  • Pay attention to concrete facts and details
  • Prefer ideas that have practical applications
  • Like to describe things in a specific, literal way

If you prefer Intuition “N” type, then you:

  • Imagine the possibilities of how things could be
  • Notice the big picture, see how everything connects
  • Enjoys ideas and concepts
  • Like to describe things in a figurative, poetic way

3. How do you prefer to make decisions? 

If you prefer Thinking “T” type, then you:

  • Make decisions in an impersonal way, using logical reasoning
  • Value justice & fairness
  • Enjoy finding the flaws in an argument
  • Could be described as reasonable, level headed

If you prefer Feeling “F” type, then you:

  • Base your decisions on personal values, and how your decisions affect others
  • Value harmony, forgiveness
  • Like to please others, and point out the best in people
  • Could be described as warm, empathetic

4. How do you prefer to live your outer life? 

If you prefer Judging “J” type, then you:

  • Prefer to have matters settled
  • Think rules should be respected and followed
  • Prefer to have detailed, step-by-step instructions
  • Make plans, want to know what you are getting into

If you prefer Perceiving “P” type, then you:

  • Prefer to leave your options open
  • See rules and deadlines as flexible
  • Like to improvise and make things up as you go
  • Are spontaneous, enjoy surprises and new adventures

You will be left with 4 letters as your complete type – you can find out more about your type using this resource

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