Women’s Wellbeing and Self Development Workshop

Location: Macdonald Linden Hall Hotel, Morpeth NE65 8XF

Date & Times: Date:- Thursday 9th August and the morning of Friday 10th August   Times:- Start Thursday 9.30am - concludes Friday 12 noon

Have You Ever Wondered….

Have you ever wondered how you have found yourself in a rut in your life and don’t know how to make the changes needed to move forward?

Have you ever wondered how you can spend so much time at work and still feel like you have so much still to do?

Have you ever wondered how to restore confidence and clarity when you are anxious or lacking self belief?

Have you ever wondered how to build stronger, closer relationships with the people around you, both in your personal and/or professional life?

Have you ever wondered how to take a more balanced approach to life so you don’t always feel you are chasing your tail?

Well this is an opportunity to take some time out for yourself away from work, home, family and your own thoughts and look at addressing some of the things outlined above and below. It is also a chance to share and learn from other women from different backgrounds who are all dealing with their own challenges.


Who Is This For?

The woman who is struggling to make meaningful connections, with her team, her customers, or at home, and looking to be more connected with the people in her life.

The woman who always feels she’s running behind, doing a juggling act, constantly on a hamster wheel, and wants to restore the balance.

The woman who needs to prioritise herself, giving so much she often forgets about herself, and needs to re-prioritise to focus on her own growth and development.

The entrepreneur or business woman who is feeling burned out, frustrated by how much she’s working, with a lack of balance, feeling stressed out, tired and in need of a re-charge!

The woman who is struggling with change in her life, experiencing a lack of self belief, and looking for an injection of confidence, clarity and motivation!

Here’s What You Will Experience

  1. Creating a positive mindset for growth
  2. Dealing with the identify shifts that come with different stages of your life
  3. Overcoming relationships challenges
  4. Tools to better communicate for more positive outcomes   
  5. Dealing with conflict and how to positively move forward
  6. How to drive change in your life when you’re stuck in a rut
  7. Techniques to deal with anxiety often driven by past experiences
  8. Building confidence in everything you do

We’ll kick off the day with an insight into how your mindset impacts everything you do, both inside and outside of work, and how to create a positive mindset for growth. We will look at how to deal with the identity shifts that come with different stages of your life and how to drive change when you get stuck in a rut.

We’ll equip you with tools and techniques that help overcome anxiety and relationship challenges, deal with conflict, and better communicate for more positive outcomes.

Ultimately, we will focus on how to build confidence in everything by utilising your unique abilities to become more efficient, effective, and overall happier, both inside of work and in your personal life.

Costs and Package

Costs: £230 + VAT per person based on a sole occupancy room

£200 + VAT per person based on a twin occupancy room (if you come with a friend)

This package includes:-

● Workshop

● Morning and afternoon refreshments

● 2 course hot and cold lunch

● 3 course dinner from a group menu

● Overnight accommodation

● Full English breakfast

● Access to the wellbeing club on the day of arrival after the workshop (treatments are extra)

What Other Women Thought

I enjoyed everything about the whole experience, there were a number of moments of self realisation. I was left feeling enthused and motivated for the future.

This was a real opportunity to learn alot about myself and my behaviour, it was also a lot of fun – thanks.

It was great to take some time out for me, I loved how interactive it was as it made me realise I wasn’t alone.

A rare opportunity to rebalance and recharge, the exercises were literally life changing on a personal and professional level….all women need to do do this 🙂

To find out more please drop us a line on sarah@duoglobalconsulting.com, call us on 07803 629 493, or fill out the form below.


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