Improve Professional Relationships & Drive Sales

Location: Hoults Yard, Walker Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2HL

Date & Times: Thursday 21st September 9am-5pm

Session Overview: This fast-paced day will provide an insightful look at how behavioural patterns and motivations can be used to drive sales performance.

The session will change the way you view yourself, your sales team and your clients.  It will provide key insight into the real triggers that can cause sales and business development challenges and equip you with new techniques to build more effective relationships with your prospects and clients.  This session is ideal for anyone responsible for sales in the business, or involved in the sales or customer service cycle.

Application Examples: The takeaways from the session can be applied in a number of different scenarios including:

  • Leadership and Management of Sales Teams
  • Pitching, Negotiation and Buying Signals
  • Relationship Building & Networking
  • Closing of Sales
  • Working in a Target Driven Environment

Previous Feedback & Biggest Takeaways: 

“Great insight into how to interpret behavioural patterns to deliver excellent customer service when delivering a high value proposition.”

“The relationship pattern was a game changer for us – it really helped solidify how our business and brand is perceived, and how this impacts on attracting the type of clients we want to work with.”

“A great framework to build stronger relationships with our clients”

“A new awareness of how to enter a negotiation through an understanding of your own behavioural patterns, and the person you are selling to, in order to build better relationships and close more sales.”

“New ways to train and manage my sales team more effectively – including speeding up conversion rates, the ability to filter out time wasters, and overall how to build better relationships for retaining business.”

“For years we have been pitching business in the same way, to every client. This was a complete lightbulb moment about simply working out peoples’ behavioural patterns and pitching accordingly.”

Full day workshop priced at £225 + VAT per person