Elevate Organisational Performance through Behavioural Change

Location: Venue TBC, Newcastle upon Tyne

Date & Times: Thursday 22nd June 9am-5pm

Session Overview: 
This fast-paced day will provide an insightful look at your organisation to show you how to unlock limitations to drive performance and productivity.
The session will change the way you view yourself, your business and the people around you. It will provide key insight into the real triggers that cause rubs within your business and equip you with new techniques to build more effective relationships with your team and clients. This session is ideal for business owners, senior management and team leaders, or people who are developing leadership and management skills as part of their CPD.

Expected Outcomes:
– An insightful look at yourself and organisation to unlock limitations.
– An increased understanding on how culture and behaviour impacts your business.
– New techniques that allow you to work more effectively with different behavioural types.
– An insight into the real triggers that are holding you and your business back and how to drive forward positive change.
– Techniques to maximise the impact of wellbeing within your business.
– The ability to build and strengthen working relationships with your team and clients.
– An understanding of how to increase performance and productivity to stimulate growth.

£225 + VAT