Improve Professional Relationships, Performance and Sales through Behavioural Change

Location: The Northern Design Centre, Abbott's Hill, Gateshead, NE8 3DF

Date & Times: Thursday 30th November - 9am - 5pm

This fast-paced day will provide an insightful look at how behavioural patterns and motivations can be used to elevate performance.

The session will change the way you view yourself, your business and the people around you.  It will provide key insight into the real triggers that cause friction within your business and equip you with new techniques to build more effective relationships with your team and clients.  This session is ideal for business owners, senior management and team leaders, or people who are developing leadership and management skills as part of their CPD.

Application Examples:

The takeaways from the session can be applied in a number of different scenarios including:

  • Leadership and management activities
  • Influencing – this can be management, staff, clients, partners, stakeholders or the board
  • Managing and motivating staff
  • Communication  – verbal, written and body language
  • Brand management & positioning
  • Culture and employee engagement
  • Recruitment & talent attraction
  • Relationship building & networking
  • Sales – pitching, negotiation and buying signals
  • Closing sales and agreements
  • Delivery in a target driven environment

Previous Feedback & Biggest Takeaways:

An increased awareness of my own behavioural and motivational patterns and how I can use these myself, and with my team, to work more effectively and increase performance”

“The model of patterns that can predict issues with wellbeing in the workplace, was an eye opener”

“I gained real insight into why I clash with some staff members. Now I have a better understanding of our different behavioural patterns, and tools to use to communicate more effectively”

“I now understand why values, motivation and behaviour are so important to success and have techniques of how to use them to drive performance in our business”

“A great framework to build stronger relationships with both my team, and our clients”

“We have unknowingly recruited people with the same behavioural and motivational patterns for years, and that now explains so many of our culture issues. This session has given me some great tools to use during recruitment to recruit the right behavioural profile for each role, instead of our traditional  blanket approach.”

“New ways to train and manage my sales team more effectively – including speeding up conversion rates, the ability to filter out time wasters, and overall how to build better relationships for retaining business.”

“For years we have been pitching business in the same way, to every client. This was a complete lightbulb moment about simply working out people’s’ behavioural patterns and pitching accordingly.”

£225 + VAT per space

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