Company culture and how to encourage diversity and inclusion

Building High Performing Teams Workshop

Location: Hoults Yard, Walker Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2HL

Date & Times: Thursday 9th November - 9am-1pm

This interactive, fast paced workshop will equip you with a wide range of tools and techniques to use in building high performing teams. From conflict management and navigating difficult conversations through to strengthening team relationships and using organisational culture as a leverage in performance – we will provide solutions to key challenges, and add real-life context to the challenges faced.

Session overview & notes from our speakers:

Challenging Conversations and Conflict – Jane McCarthy, Consultant

Clinical Psychologist and Director of Talk Works:  

The session will provide practical tools to help you manage difficult conversations without getting stressed. Based on thirty years of research by a leading American psychologist and thirty years of clinical practice by Jane, complex psychological theory will be distilled into clear methods you can use again and again to fine tune interpersonal skills in the workplace. You will be provided with a handouts and opportunity to practise skills during the workshop”.

Strengthening Team Relationships for High Performance – Laura Weaving, MD of Duo Global Consulting:

“This fast paced session will provide an insightful look at how values, motivations and behaviour can impact team effectiveness. It will look at the impact of change on organisational culture and team relationships, and provide insight into the real triggers that cause friction within teams. The session will equip you with new techniques to create collaborative, open cultures that build stronger team relationships for higher levels of performance”.

JFDI – Victoria Manghan, Section Leader, Head of Human Resources for Calsonic Kansei North East:

“I am a Senior Human Resources Manager who works in the car manufacturing industry in the North East of England. I will share experiences in trying to improve the mental health and wellbeing of my colleagues…. including the challenges it brings. The full title of this talk explains some of the challenges and will be revealed on the day!”

£99 + VAT per delegate. Early bird pricing up to 9th October – £79 + VAT.