DUO Spotlight – Gardiner Richardson #reclaimyourlunchbreak


Wellness in the workplace is always a hot topic for employee engagement, and for this week’s DUO Spotlight piece, we wanted to highlight Gardiner Richardson and their #reclaimyourlunchbreak incentive.

Workplace wellness is key for increasing engagement and has been proven to help employees work more creatively, increase health, decrease stress & sickness, and overall, increase productivity.

Started in January, the company decideCZU42QWWYAAq4MW.jpg-larged it was time for a different type of lunch break. In most offices, the lunch break is spent eating a sandwich at your desk, and often not taking a break at all. At GR, they now have a whole different experience in the middle of their day, through a range of activities that provide their team with much needed midday headspace. There is something for everyone, with activities including: a monthly book club, walking and running sessions around the Quayside, “headspace” meditation, yoga classes, PlayStation tournaments, and more! The key to this incentive was Gardiner Richardson’s execution, the incentive is owned and managed by their staff, so everyone in the business has the option to suggest something they are passionate about, and given the autonomy to run and implement that.

Ca2_U_3W0AE79gh.jpg-largeOutside of the #reclaimyourlunchbreak incentive, GR promotes its employer brand values throughout other key areas of their business. They have developed a creative working space with break out areas, reflection zones and flexible meeting spaces to match the varying needs and working styles of their team and clients. They provide flexible working conditions for their staff in order to help them mould their GR working experience around the evolving life stages of their staff members. They have an inclusive and supportive team working culture with a variety of team incentives including quarterly “cultural outings.”

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Gardiner Richardson live their #inspirebelief brand manifesto, not just with their clients, but internally within their every day working environment, tying their corporate branding with their employer branding to create a well rounded, engaging and innovative brand experience.

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