Does your culture provide a “lifetime experience”?

If you want to attract the best talent – then you need to create an engaging culture. There are a lot of ideas out there, but above all your culture needs to be authentic to your business. It should reflect your personality, your company mission, the values of your employees and should ideally focus on creating a “lifetime experience”.

Google has around 40,000 applications for its summer intern program, of which there are only 1,500 spaces. They also have over 3 million job applications per year, of which they hire around 5,000. So why do people want to work there so badly? The lifetime experience of course! Being an intern, or employee, of Google, you get more of an all round experience in a week than most would in years.  Laszlo Bock, VP People Operations at Google, is a firm believer that work should not be just a “means to an end” – “connect work to an idea or value that transcends the day-to-day”. Google provide a work environment that bridges work and play; perks that improve employee lifestyles; a collaborative “voice” that fosters idea sharing, transparency that engages employees in the bigger picture, and overall, a work experience that most would only hope to achieve in a lifetime.


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