Why does culture matter?

“Culture can be that ‘secret weapon’ that makes extraordinary things happen” – Jon Katzenbach

“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself” – Tony Hirsch, Zappos

“Culture doesn’t just help attract amazing people, but it amplifies their abilities to do their best work” – Hubspot

Culture isn’t something where you can just flick on the “fun” switch and hope everyone jumps on board. Culture is something that needs to develop from the core of your business, from its values, its mission and its employees. Culture is to recruiting what a great product or service is to marketing, without a great culture, its very difficult to attract great talent.

DUO helps our clients build intentional, values driven cultures, cultures that completely fit your business values, your goals & aspirations, your mission, and most of all, your people. We build cultures that people can’t help but get excited about, that engage and develop internal staff, whilst also attracting the best external talent.

Who are DUO?

We’re a team of individuals that love working together to create stunning client solutions. We are curious and inquisitive.

We are relationship builders and connectors. We believe in being different. We believe in people first. Technology is big part of us, but we always remain human.

We believe that every single client is unique, and make sure our solutions reflect that. We believe in constantly innovating, learning and creating.

We have a global reach, yet a local focus. We believe in keeping our promises, and always delivering. We are an experienced team, who are

proud of what we do.

We believe in giving back, and being part of our community. We collaborate and work with amazing people and companies.

We think outside of the box to bring creative solutions to an industry that needs a fresh perspective. We believe to really create competitive advantage in the war for talent, you need to be different. We create that difference.

The DUO story

Laura Weaving started DUO after a career managing worldwide recruitment operations for various companies, and becoming increasingly frustrated with the solutions that were in the market at that time for companies looking to attract great talent. Many traditional market solutions have a short term focus (essentially putting a bum on a seat), have very little handle on the long term, and often forget the most important aspect of recruitment and retention - treating people as human beings.

Laura, and the DUO team believe that to attract and retain amazing people, it is important that companies relate to the people they want to engage with as human beings, not just a number in their balance sheet. Rather than looking for a quick, often superficial, fix to recruitment or retention issues, we believe that companies should look at creating a culture where people matter, and one that forms emotional connections with amazing people.

We start by building strong cultural foundations with our clients businesses, and from there look at how their culture can both attract great external talent, and engage with the amazing people they already have within our business.

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